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February 6, 2019

The Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Mojave Desert Resource Conservation District has been scheduled for February 6, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. at the Victorville Field Office.

Call to order, pledge of allegiance

1. Self-Introduction of Guests:  No Invited Guests.

2. Public Discussion/Invited Guests(s): No Invited Guests.

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Consent Calendar:

a.    Approval of Minutes: January, 2019

b.    Approval of Financial Report: January, 2019

     1.  Review of Bank Statements: January, 2019

c.    Approval of Bills:  February, 2019

5. District Conservationist’s Monthly Report:  Holly Shiralipour

6. District Manager’s Report:  Dana Raponi

7. Releaf Project:  Cheryl Nagy

8. Irrigation Water Management/Los Flores Ranch: Tony Walters

9. Mojave Weed Management Area: 

10. Old Business:

a. RC&D Program Update:
b. Conservation Easements/Mitigation:
     1.    Recurrent Energy (Victor-Phelan)     3. Sun Power                 
     2.    Oro Grande Wash (MWA)                 4. Barstow Sanitary Landfill
c. Mojave Water Agency FY 2017-2018 Weed Removal Program:
d. Sand Blow/Fugitive Dust:
e. Dairy Issues – District Lead in Dairy Co-Op:      
f. Update on Camp Cady: 
g. Raven Issues: Propane Cannons/County Ordinance 
h. Grant Funding Opportunities:
i. Tamarisk Alliance – Bio Control:
j. Regulations for Standards for Different Levels’ of Mulch/Compost:
k. Federal review of DRECP – RCD Involvement:
l. Comments on the WMRNP Plan Amendment:
m. Rampdown in Baja to 35% - Possible RCD Assistance with Relation to the Old Baja Plan:
n. Mojave Riverbed Fire Hazard Debris Clearing:
o. Attempt to Exempt Well/Pump Rigs via Legislation:
p. Mojave Narrows Fire Protection & Restoration Plan- Meeting Feb 5, 2019:

11. New Business:

a.  Review and Possible Rescission of Project # 6 of the Mojave Water Agency Workplan – RCD’s Role as Funding Passthrough for Research to Acquire BAP Water Rights in BAJA:

b. RCD Letter to S.B. County and State Lands Commission RE: Solar Project Resource Issues Drafted By Pat Flanagan/Neville Slade/Ken Lair/Chuck Bell.

c. RCD Investment Policy:

d. RCD/NRCS Workgroup Meeting:

e.  Assistance to MDLT for Weed Removal/Restoration at its Palisades Ranch:

f. NRCS Assistance in Compiling Information on Soils/Vegetation/Restoration/Etc. for Input to County RE:  Industrial Solar Projects in Lucerne Valley and Daggett.
g.  2019 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program RE: Contract IWM for Korean Farmers. 


13.   Correspondence (Discussion items only)
14.    Directors Reports and Comments
15.   Closed Session (Litigation and Personnel): 
16.   Adjournment


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