The District remains an active participant in the Alliance for Water Awareness and Conservation (AWAC).  The mission of this dynamic coalition, with 4,900 square miles of service area and over 20 regional organizations, is to promote the efficient use of water and increase awareness of conservation as an important tool to ensure an adequate water supply.


The four specific goals of AWAC are:

  • Serve as a network to assist agencies in educating the public on water conservation.

  • Provide resources with a consistent message to help agencies meet their respective conservation goals.

  • Maintain current gallons per capita per day or lower and continue to position agencies for meeting future conservation needs.

  • Exchange ideas between agencies, especially at quarterly meetings.


A calendar that features low water use plants is published annually to heighten the public’s awareness of water efficient landscaping.  These calendars are freely available to the public through AWAC members.


The Mojave Desert RCD actively distributes AWAC materials at all events the district attends.

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