One of the Districts roles as a non-regulatory agency has been to facilitate communication between the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Lahontan Water Board and the dairy owners to develop a collaborative solution to the nitrate concerns raised by the Lahontan Region Water Quality Control Board. The NRCS Conservation Nutrient Management Program (CNMP) can help producers utilize their manure sources available for nutrient application and to reduce nitrate intrusion into surface and/or ground water.The CNMP will also help with the infrastructure and in obtaining management resources available to aid in delivery and monitoring of nutrient and irrigated water applications to the cropland (i.e., flow meters, pipeline, manure spreading, pond liners, etc.). Lahontan has determined a general order will eventually come out that will apply to all Confined Animal Facilities. This draft will then go through dairy and public comment before going to the Lahontan board for review and approval. It is paramount all parties work together to achieve the most efficient and cost productive avenues that will determine the effectiveness of nitrate mitigation.