In partnership with Mojave Water Agency the District is dedicated to water conservation within the Mojave Desert RCD’s large area. The District and MWA have implemented a program of water conservation alternatives through evaluation and field assistance for irrigation efficiency improvement, including enhancement irrigation water management automation, soil moisture and soil quality testing. From July to September 2020 over 27 irrigation assistance visits and 190 hours in initial and follow up assistance for water conservation was given in the areas of Apple Valley, Victorville, Hesperia, Phelan, Helendale, Lucerne Valley and Newberry Springs. With Covid-19 all of the visits were scheduled through cell phone contact and other assistance questions were answered through several communication applications such as “Google Duo video”. As the Victorville Field Office was closed, creativity was the method of choice to assist communities.In fall through mid-winter over 34 initial and follow up visits were performed to educate customers on water conservation and irrigation, focusing on winterizing irrigation systems and scheduling less irrigation days and times. At least fourteen of the total irrigation assistance “visits” were given via cell phone video where clients walked around their acreage showing Tony Walters, Conservation Specialist, their problem irrigation system asking questions with him offering assistance.In spring and summer of 2021 more visits were held in person or via google duo or the virtual computer program Zoom. During the ongoing pandemic more clients reached out for assistance and return visits. At least twenty-six of the clients visited reduce water use by 30% or more by incorporating recommended changes. The IWM visits consist of a comprehensive evaluation that quantifies current outdoor water use. Clients are then given options to help conserve and reduce their water use. Conservation options include: System evaluation, soil health in relation to water savings, installation options of current irrigation technologies, irrigation scheduling and mulching options for our area.