In partnership with Mojave Water Agency the district is dedicated to water conservation within the Mojave Desert RCD’s large area.  The district has implemented a program of water conservation alternatives through evaluation and field assistance for irrigation efficiency improvement, including enhancement irrigation water management automation, soil moisture and soil quality testing.  In the fall of 2019 and beginning months of 2020 eight workshops, six public outreach events and seven presentations for water conservation were presented.  From these education presentations close to 1500 attendees were reached in the areas within the district boundaries.   Tony Walters, Water Conservation Specialist, and Luis Cortes, Conservation Technician I, have assisted homeowners, businesses and Homeowner Associations to assess their irrigation systems and suggest solutions for higher efficiency and water conservation.  The district has also conducted workshops, both hands on and classroom oriented, on water efficient irrigation and healthy soil management.  Also, with this program the district offers interactive workshops for English, Spanish and Korean speaking landowners on water conservation and healthy soils.


In March of 2019 this program was suspended due to Covid-19.  Using Covid-19 NRCS field protocols limited visits resumed in late May and June.