The District continues to support work with the Korean farming community in San Bernardino County. Korean farmers are moving to the High Desert to join existing Koreans to grow jujubes, pistachios, Japanese Ume Plums and apples, among other crops. The NRCS & RCD team is working with Korean farmers to improve their irrigation water management,and develop conservation plans and contracts for their farms. Korean farm bill assistant,Bonnie Nam, continues to assist with helping Korean producers understand the farm bill contracts and practice specifications.


During the past 18 months, the COVID 19 pandemic has modified NRCS office work practices with NRCS and RCD employees doing considerable teleworking. As of June 2021, the office is open with limited staffing. Customers are seen with appointments and appropriate COVID precautions. NRCS and RCD staff continue to provide the same high level of service utilizing creative strategies to get the work done. Field work and visits continue to be done while employing required COVID precautions.