In partnership with the Crestline Sanitation District the Mojave Desert RCD is embarking on a two-year Management and Technical Assistance program for the Las Flores Ranch, located on Summit Valley Road in Summit Valley.  This historic ranch leases over 600 acres of pasture to raise grass fed cattle.  This pasture is flood watered by a natural gravity fed water source extending from Lake Silverwood, through the Crestline Sanitation Facility and dissipating in the pastures of Las Flores.  The districts scope of work will include the use of the Global Positioning System to mark boundaries, water ways and pertinent landscape. The points will then be transferred into a Geographic Information System to allow the overlaying of data layers.  The soil quality and moisture holding ability, and plant variety and quantity will be identified, inventoried and disseminated into data for use in prescribing future pasture production and agricultural quality.   Other partners for this project will include NRCS and the Victor Valley College.

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