The NRCS Victorville Service Center boundaries comprise most of San Bernardino County including the mountains in the Mojave River watershed and the high desert extending east to the Arizona/Nevada borders. (The southwest corner of the County lies in the Redlands Service Center area.)


For FY19/20, the Victorville Field Office will have obligated 73 new contracts (38 currently in preapproved status).  Over $715 thousand dollars are committed for contracts in 2020.  In total, since 2011, the Victorville Field Office of NRCS has spent $11 million in EQIP contracts and $930 thousand in CSP contracts – making a significant partnership investment in conservation in San Bernardino County.  These contracts include agricultural practices such as seasonal high tunnels, water conservation, National Air Quality Initiative, and a variety of forestry practices in the San Bernardino Mountains.