The NRCS Victorville Service Center boundaries comprise most of San Bernardino County including the mountains in the Mojave River watershed and the high desert extending east to the Arizona/Nevada borders. (The southwest corner of the County lies in the Redlands Service Center area.)


The Victorville Field Office has approximately 60 active contracts with over 2.5 million in obligated funds, and over 5,000 acres under contract.  These contracts include agricultural practices and forestry practices from the San Bernardino Mountains.  There were 2 application deadlines so far this year, with at least one more coming up in June.   Agricultural assistance has been focusing on High tunnel practices which extend the growing season of crops on smaller acreages.  Other practices include the replacement of older farm tractors with new ones that have improved emissions for better air quality.


These contracts include plans addressing resource concerns such as air quality, water quality, water quantity, soil erosion, inadequate wildlife cover and food, and energy conservation.

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