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In August of 2019 the District agreed to be the lead agency for the CEQA in the restoration of the Palisades ranch in Oro Grande. The Mojave Desert Land Trust purchased the retired agriculture farm with plans to restore the native wildlife habitat and plant species to the original Mojave river wash and desert landscape. Consultants Dodson and Associates have prepared the Initial Study with the CEQA requirements for the Palisades Ranch Restoration Project and with the public comment period completed for the CEQA documents the Palisades Ranch Project can go into the next phase of restoring the ranch property. Due to a fire in the riverbed portion of the ranch during the summer of 2022 a new wrinkle must be ironed out with invasive plants in the riparian portion of the Palisades Ranch riverbed. The district has offered to assist in the tamarisk/Arundo removal and is consulting on a plan to control/eradicate the invasive pepperweed that has replaced the native vegetation in the burned path.

Initial Study - May 2022 (268  MB)

Final Initial Study - August 2022 (284 MB)

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